Twenty Unusual Topic Suggestions For An Essay About Love And Hate

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Love is the most sacred feeling and it is considered as the language of God. Everybody defines love according to their own understanding. For some people love is a holy thing but on the contrary, some people look at it in a different light.

Love has not been accepted in our society for a long time. Earlier our society could not accept love marriages and those couple who would love each other were expelled from the society. There are many examples in history. Society has always carried a tough stance against love. Now this situation have been changed and it is accepted widely. Love has not only one form but several forms such as love of mother and son, love of God and worshiper, love for humanity etc.

We all know that hate is a negative feeling or emotion. Every human being wants love not hate. People run away from hate and rush towards love. People express their anger by showing feelings of hate. Hate is also powerful feeling like love.

Unfortunately it harms not only to the person who hates but also does harm to other for whom he keeps such feeling. Reflect on this in the essay. Love and hate both have different emotions and expressions. Here are twenty unusual essay topics about love and hate. Look at them from a subjective perspective and you may find out more as you go

  1. How would you define concept of love?
  2. How does our society explain love?
  3. Love as a powerful emotion
  4. How would you explain that love is blind
  5. Does our society give permission to be love
  6. Why our society is against lovers
  7. What is love at first sight? Express your own view on love at first sight.
  8. Love is language of the God.
  9. Love is scared or holy emotion
  10. Why do youngster fall in love
  11. Hate is opposite emotion of love
  12. Hate is negative emotion and we should avoid it
  13. Why do people hate other
  14. Hate is powerful emotion
  15. Is it possible to have two emotions hate and love at one time
  16. Hate is necessary to realize emotion of love
  17. Hate is a natural emotion and it cannot be resist
  18. Love is more powerful than hate
  19. The person who is in love cannot hate other
  20. Everybody prefers love not hate and it comes automatically