How To Set Up A Winning Plan For A Research Paper

It may seem pedantic, but there is a reason why all your teachers always go on about planning your papers before you start writing in class. This is because of the fact that your plan provides a good blueprint for you to follow while you are writing, as well as making you aware of what you need to write during the course of your essay (apart from asking a professional writer "please, write my thesis"). In this article, we will discuss how to set up your plan to maximize your potential.


Firstly, it is important for you to understand how pivotal a plan can be to ensure your success. Research writing requires a lot of diligent sources and knowledge of the sources material. Writing such a paper without prior planning can lead to a poorly executed essay that can sound confused and scrambled. One of the most important aspects of your writing that you professors will be looking out for is the structure, and without a plan, it is very tough to provide a good structure to your writing.

Collecting Sources

Within your plan, you should include all the key sources you wish to include in your writing. As such, you need to collect all the relevant sources you feel that you need. Save these sources where you can easily find them and refer to them later on when you will be writing out your plan. You do not want to be scrambling to get sources while you are writing your essay, as this will create a distraction from your writing.

Writing A Plan

Once you have thought of your ideas for your writing, and collected all the sources you need, it is time to make a plan. The plan should be written as such so that it is easy for you to refer to it while you are writing your paper. As such, we recommend that you list the key points of your writing and then plan around this. After you have written your key points, you should write down the relevant sources you will need to include for it, as well as your key thoughts that you will be aiming to write about it in your paper.

As you can see, a good plan takes a little bit of effort but can save you a lot of time and can drastically boost your overall mark. It is always a good idea to plan before writing your research essay.